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Christopher Pulley

Owner, Talent Acquisition Specialist


Christopher Pulley is a Talent Acquisition Specialist from Petersburg, VA. In 1997, Chris enlisted into the United States Army as a Human Resources Specialist where he was responsible for the administrative support of over 2,500 service members. Chris was also recognized by senior management for his work performance, professionalism, and timeliness of processing and customer service. Christopher found his passion for talent acquisition while serving as a Human Resources Manager in the Army. During his career, he was afforded the opportunity to serve as a Recruiter and it was then he realized he had a passion to help others connect to the career that brought them the most satisfaction.  In 2001, Chris was assigned as a Human Resources Supervisor in Korea servicing over 1,000 employees with a team of seven employees. 


While working as a supervisor, Chris restructured the operations of the HR department to improve work processes overall efficiency. He also exceeded retention standards by 120% for several quarters during his tenure. His passion to help others pursue their dream careers has also led to him recruiting for the largest homecare provider in Hawaii. As an Employee Engagement Specialist, Chris developed an employee retention program dropping the attrition rate from over 50% to 26% over the same time period prior to his arrival.  He also has served as a Talent Acquisition Consultant for one of the largest renewable energy providers on the island helping to develop a recruiting and marketing strategy to fill several top-tier engineering positions within the company.


Chris is currently completing his MBA in Human Resources. Because of his desire to help place job seekers into compatible careers, and help employers succeed in finding candidates that fit into their company culture, CMP Recruiting was formed. When Chris isn’t busy helping employers and candidates to connect, you will find him enjoying a movie, or navigating a long twisting road while enjoying a ride on his Harley. 

He is currently married to his wife of 14 years,  and is the father a beautiful daughter.