A Gig, Job, or Career?

Do you have a gig, a job, or a career? As a young recruiter, I overheard one of my leaders asking a potential candidate that question. I thought it was an interesting question, so much that I didn’t even listen to the answer the candidate may or may not have given. I thought about how I would answer the question if I were on the receiving end of it, but I didn’t know the difference between either of them. So I sat at my desk patiently waiting for my supervisor to finish with the customer.  One of my quirks is once my mind is in a particular direction; I am usually insatiable until whatever thought I have is expressed, or problem, solved.  Once his intake was complete, I had to ask him how did he define those classifications.  He explained,

“A gig is something you do to earn some quick, fast cash; a job is something you do just to pay the bills. You may like what you do, or you may not, but the sole purpose of a job is as a means to survive, or live. This is what most people have. A career is usually your passion. You are in the constant pursuit to perfect it. There are opportunities to advance, retire, and possibly collect a pension.”

I thought that was an interesting perspective on work.  An article on Gettysburg.edu stated the average working human will spend one third of their life working. If that much of your time is spent working, will you spend it doing gigs for quick cash, holding a job just to live, or pursing a career you love?